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    Remember When ‘e’ Was Just a Letter?

    At last, technology that pays for itself.

    One of the most powerful trends in technology is the development and expansion of the Internet and eServices yet many dentists do not understand or utilize eServices. This course will explain what an eService is and how you can use eServices to improve patient care and increase profitability with specific examples of services dentist can start using immediately.

    Speaker: Dr. Larry Emmott

    Speaker, Author, Consultant, and Dentist

    Dr. Larry Emmott is considered a leading dental high tech authority in the country and has over thirty years of experience as a practicing general dentist. He has addressed hundreds of professional groups, and has been a featured speaker at every major US dental meeting, including the Chicago Mid-winter, the ADA annual meeting, the CDA, the Greater New York, and others.

    Dr. Emmott was raised in Arizona and attended the University of Arizona. He graduated from the University of Southern California Dental School in 1977. He is the founder and director of Emmott on Technology, LLC, a dental computer consulting company that provides high-tech dental consulting for dentists and industry. Dr. Emmott has also been a pioneer in online publishing with his blog EmmottonTechnology.com.

    Moderator: Dr. Jeffrey Rohde

    Clinical Editor and Director of Content Development

    Dr. Rohde graduated from undergraduate at UCLA with a bachelor's degree in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics. A masters degree from UCLA in Biochemistry followed a year later. He continued on at UCLA in the School of Dentistry, and completed a General Practice Residency at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto, CA. He currently maintains comprehensive restorative practice in Santa Barbara, CA. His practice specializes in using the latest in high-tech dental equipment, and in utilizing the most up-to-date clinical concepts. Dr. Rohde was one of the founders of Dentalcompare with the goal of making Dentalcompare the number one dental resource for his fellow colleagues.

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