Shofu EyeSpecial C-II

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The EyeSpecial C-II, from Shofu, the smart digital camera designed exclusively for dentistry.

Previously only sold in Japan, the EyeSpecial C-II is the 4th generation to the EyeSpecial family. For over 10 years, Shofu Japan has sold the EyeSpecial camera and been in constant pursuit of improvement to enhance dental photography - thus the creation of the EyeSpecial C-II.

The EyeSpecial C-II digital dental camera is designed exclusively for dentistry. Shofu’s smart and stylish EyeSpecial C-II has been created for dental and orthodontic photography, case presentations and at the bench in a laboratory.

The EyeSpecial C-II offers 8 dental shooting modes with 12 megapixels, intuitive one-touch operations, an ultra lightweight sleek body design and a large LCD touchscreen.

The EyeSpecial C-II is for clinical case documentation and it is a smart tool that will add consistency and efficiency to the varied needs of the active practice.

Rugged and durable, the Eye-Special C-II is scratch and scuff resistant as well as water and chemical resistant, which is essential for infection control in the office. There is no need to wrap the camera, as you would an SLR. Simply wipe the camera with a surface wipe and you are on to your next patient.

With a large, pressure sensitive LCD touchscreen, the user can view and scroll through images effortlessly, even with a gloved hand.

You can also use the buttons running down the left side of the screen for ease and convenience. The large screen makes viewing images easy and chair-side education and treatment plans a breeze.

The EyeSpecial C-II features the FlashMatic system with 4 macro LED lights mounted around the lens, as well as an inside and outside flash located on both sides of the lens. This FlashMatic flash system blocks out the ambient light allowing for true color reproduction and consistent images to be achieved every time.

The Smart and sophisticated Eye-Special C-II has 8 pre-set dental shooting modes - Standard, Surgery, Mirror, Face, Low-Glare, Whitening, Tele-Macro and Isolate Shade. With one touch, you can quickly switch from mode to mode to achieve high quality, consistent case photos.