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CNPG has been helping clients all over the world achieve their marketing goals for over
15 years so we know what it takes to ensure a successful video project.

We're Creative
Crafting With Experience

Collectively, our team has over 30 years of experience with 10 producers, editors, and 3D animators. We also draw expertise from our in-house scientists who contribute to video projects by ensuring the subject matter is relevant and accurate.

We're Cool
Nerds Having Fun

Our team provides the creative direction, the storyboards, and assist with script writing in a way that resonates with scientists. We have a large and targeted audience that actively engages with video content to help them gather the information necessary to perform their research and work.

Video Engagement
Helping You Promote

We will help you post your video to multiple media channels which stretches the awareness of your mission and offerings. CNPG provides extensive in-depth analytics to show video engagement and further support the ROI.

We're Passionate
Available When You Need Us

We provide a highly experienced and dedicated project manager with a life science background that ensures timely project completion and gives you a direct point of contact. We want to ensure a quality product through constant interaction and feedback from your team to ours.

Number One
Scientific Music Video

The PCR Song

When you combine a love for "We Are the World" with the prime maker of PCR equipment, you get this humorous gem. PCR, or polymerase chain reaction, is the technique used in all kinds of DNA research. If you're a molecular biologist, you'll be rolling on the floor soiling your lab coat as you watch this musical parody.

What We Do
Our Video Service

A highly skilled professional service with a creative touch.

Make A Giant Splash

Our commercials help grow your brand awareness, generate leads through custom landing pages, and ultimately increase your social presence which these days, is priceless.

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Brochure Videos
Quick Turnaround

You already have created a polished brochure that you would like to reach a wider audience. Send us your PDF and we will bring that brochure to life with an engaging overview video.

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On-Location Video
We'll Come to You

Your unique facility is what sets you apart from your competition. Let us come to your location, spend a day filming interviews with key personnel (CEOs, Engineers, Managers), and also capture your production workflow.

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Green Screen Testimonial
Any Background

We will set up a green screen and help schedule all your top customers to come and give a quick testimonial about how your products have changes their research. By using a green screen, we can replace the background with any custom image that matches your branding and also keeps the video engaging.

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Tradeshow Videos
Keep The Buzz Going

CNPG films at most domestic and international trade shows throughout the year. Let us come to your booth, film an interview with your staff, and create a long-lasting video that showcases what is innovative about your company's products.

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3D Animation
Your Product In All Dimensions

Your product is amazing! However, what is under the hood is truly the most revolutionary aspect. Using advanced 3D animation techniques, we will create a video where we virtually fly into your instrument and show your future customers exactly how it works.

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High Quality HD & 4K
Video Production

Fast Turnaround Time
(Only 4-6 Weeks)

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